When it comes to innovation and performance, BackDraft won’t take a back seat to any other bowsight!

  • NEW X-Frame base is stronger, lighter
  • Level Head sight ring is far easier to adjust, far more secure
  • High-performance PhotoChromatic shell; 80% tougher, turns color faster!
  • Floating pin bushings for smooth, easy fine-tuning of sight pins
  • Gang horizontal and vertical calibrated adjustment
  • Inch Wheel micro-adjustable pins
  • 2X or 4X lens adaptable (optional) makes targets easier to see
  • Interchangeable fluorescent guard ring

BackDraft – 5 Pin

Nothing compares to our exclusive Inch-Wheel Micro-Adjustment System which is calibrated so one full turn equals approximately one inch at 20 yards! You can fine-tune each individual pin. It’s fast, easy and simple!


BackDraft – 5 Pin

Automatically darkens in bright light to dull pins, prevent pin halo
Patent #7290345
The revolutionary SkyCoil gathers light from above for unmatched pin brightness when you need it!
New X-Frame base is stronger, lighter
Floating pin bushings for smooth, easy micro-adjustment of sight pins
Calibrated horizontal and vertical gang adjustment
Fluorescent interchangeable guard ring for quick and sure peep alignment even in low light! Nitrous Green standard
Machined aluminum guard for maximum durability and pin protection
Level Head sight ring with pre-installed level that’s much easier to adjust and far more secure.




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