Unbelievably bright pins. Unbeatable durability. Undeniable innovation. Unmatched adjustability. Unconditional guarantee.

That's Black Gold!

Exclusive SkyCoil Top-mounted Skycoil gathers and transfers more light

The coiled fiber optics on a Black Gold bowsight reside in the exclusive SkyCoil, a streamlined housing that is mounted on the very top of the sight where there is more available light. This system is more effective at gathering and transferring light than any other wrapped fiber bowsight

Brightest pins. The pins on a Black Gold are 20% brighter!

Most bowhunting opportunities happen early or late in the day when game is more active and light is low. This means pin brightness is not just important, it’s critical!

Independent tests show that the pins on a Black Gold bowsight are 20% brighter than the pins on the next brightest bowsight. This means you’ll be able to see the pins on a Black Gold when the pins on other bowsights have faded away!

PhotoChromatic Technology

Super tough, High Performance PhotoChromatic shell manages pin brightness

If pins get too bright they can create starbursts that make it difficult to see the vitals. Black Gold’s revolutionary and patented PhotoChromatic shell, which covers the sight's fiber optic strands, turns purple when subjected to natural UV light. This automatically tempers the light which eliminates any pin flare. The result is perfect pin brightness from dawn to dark! Recently redesigned, the shell is 80% tougher, changes color even faster and gets even darker in bright light!

Patent #7290345


In low light, the PhotoChromatic shell is clear, allowing for maximum light gathering and super bright pins.


In bright light, the PhotoChromatic shell turns dark purple, blocking UV light and dulling overly bright pins.


At first light, the shell is clear and the pins are bright.


As day breaks, the shell starts to turn purple.


When the sun comes up, the purple deepens.


During daylight, the shell blocks UV light and dulls overly bright pins.


In direct sunlight, the dark purple shell stops pin "halo"


Level Head sight ring NEW for 2016

Every Black Gold bowsight now features a Level Head sight with a pre-installed, easy-to-adjust and ultra-secure level that puts to finicky, frustrating level adjustment.


Extreme adjustability! Smooth and secure

Every bowhunter wants maximum adjustability. But adjustability is only good if it’s easy to do. Black Gold bowsights feature machined, oversized dovetails for smooth, secure adjustment.


"BombProof" pins that are up to 30 times stronger!

Black Gold bowsights are built to take bowhunter abuse. But, a great product is only as good as its weakest link. On most sights, the weakest link are the pins. Black Gold’s BombProof Micro Groove pins leave competitors’ pins in the dust! Fully machined from bar stock, these amazing pins are up to 30 times stronger than imported, cast, turned or tube style pins. Add exclusive Micro Groove design that cradles and protects the fiber along its entire length, and you have the toughest pins ever put on a bowsight!


BigDog pin guard Oversized peep sight

For those who prefer oversized peep sights, Black Gold offers optional 2" BigDog pin guards which line up better with larger


3-Way Inch Wheel Micro-Adjustment

Black Gold’s exclusive Inch Wheel Micro-Adjust System is calibrated so one full turn equals approximately one inch at 20 yards. And, it works three ways! Gang vertically, gang horizontally or each individual pin. Fast, easy and simple!


Fluorescent sight rings Pick your color!

Finding your sight ring, especially in low light, is easier with Black Gold’s fluorescent sight rings. Replaceable and available in seven colors. Nitrous Green standard.


Now you can customize your Black Gold!

Because Black Gold designs, manufactures and assembles all bowsights on our premises, we can make your Black Gold bowsight any way you want it!




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