Testimonials: Shoot true with the world's greatest bow sight.

Ashlette Lopez

Colorado Springs

Amazing sights and even better customer support. I am a visually impaired archer that needed to think outside the box for a target tactile sight. Black Gold did amazing at customizing the sight to what I needed. Thanks for joining in on my dream to be one of the top VI archers in the world!



I use the Black Gold competition sight in 3D , i choose this sight because, 1st ,2nd and mostly 3rd micro axis are just awesome!

Joey Mungo

Jim-Bows Archery, Calgary, AB

“…the Pure Gold is, without a doubt, the best built sight I’ve shot. The 5-pin adjustability allows me to practice at further distances and to make a more confident shot in all types of shooting conditions and circumstances.”

Kirk Clark

Outdoor Writer

“My sight creates PURE adrenaline every time my pin settles on the target. I’m confident in hitting where I aim.”

Randy Newberg

Host, Fresh Tracks With Randy Newberg

“When a hard-earned opportunity comes my way, I’ve got enough to worry about. I need the confidence that comes with using the best sight on the market; confidence that comes with a Black Gold sight.”

Will Primos

Founder, Primos Hunting

“BlackGold is the GOLD STANDARD in my book. I swear by how solid these sights are built. No matter if you like a 1 pin, 3 pin or if you are like me and prefer a 5 pin sight, I guarantee you can depend on BlackGold.”

Eddie Claypool

Outdoor Writer

“My Black Gold Rush performed flawlessly, especially in the low-light conditions encountered. Confidence in my gear makes me a better bowhunter. Thanks for a great product!”

Mike Magrew

Mossy Oak Whitetail Pro Staff Regional Manager (IL, KS, & MO)

“In thirty plus years of archery and bow hunting I have used a multitude of sights but nothing comes close to my Black Gold in quality, workmanship, and just plain toughness. Pick one up and see for yourself why they are the best sights on the market.”

Jace Bauserman

Editor-In-Chief Bowhunting World Magazine

“My Black Gold Accent Ambush Single-Pin proved durable and bright no matter the conditions”.

Jason Hegg

Avid Bowhunter

“Why chance the hunt of a lifetime to subpar equipment? Shoot a Black Gold sight and you don’t have to worry!”

Mike Hirschi

Owner, Lightning Archery Record Book Outfitters

“Black Gold makes the toughest sight on the market, I wouldn’t depend on any other bowsight. It is the toughest most dependable bowsight on the market.”

Tom Thiel

Owner, Archery Idaho

“I have been using Black Gold sights for over 20 years. They are strong, light weight and have all of the adjustment features a bowhunter needs.”

Kip Fowler

Avid Bowhunter

“Very few things in the hunting industry are as reliable and dependable as Black Gold sights. I have trusted my hunting set-up to no one else for over a decade now.”

Phil Mendoza

Owner, No Limits Archery

“Sheep country is as extreme as it gets. Severe angles, long range shots and unforgiving terrain are all part of the game. Having tough equipment is a must and I wouldn’t trust any other sight for my hunt of a lifetime than my Pure Gold!”

Jason Abel

Pro Staffer For Elite Outdoors Unlimited And Obsession Bows

“Elk hunting is a extreme adrenaline rush. Sometimes you only get one shot. Don’t leave that up to chance. Black Gold sights deliver time after time! Thank you for putting out a great product!”

Dustin Wardell

National Account Manager, Black Gold Bowsights

“On the prairie, rugged mountains or in a tree stand, Black Gold will perform every time, all the time.”

Brian Barney

Outdoor Writer

“My Black Gold sight not only meets, but exceeds all my expectations. It is built for us hardcore bowhunters and is and will be the only sight I will ever use!”

Dick Scorzafava

Host, The Radical Hunter

“I have used Black Gold Sights for many years now because they have built in quality and reliability. I need a product that I can count on for every shot.”

Kiley Jons

Avid Bowhunter

“There’s not another sight on the market that can match the quality of a Black Gold.”

Joe Jacks

President, Tight Spot Quivers

“Black Gold sights continue to pioneer the way for innovative, tough, reliable sights making my choice a no brainer! Make it a Black Gold!”

Frank Spartano

Off The Beaten Path TV

“After five years of using my Black Gold custom bow sight I am sure of one thing — accuracy!”

Branden VanDyken

Avid Bowhunter

“Whether it is my backyard or on a rugged back country hunt, Black Gold never lets me down.”

Levi Johnson

Doggin W/Levi

“Black Gold sights have been on every bow since I started bowhunting. The Ascent moveable single pin sight is LIGHTS OUT!”

Mike Ellig

Founder, Black Gold Bowsights

“Whether you hunt by your house for whitetails, or travel around the world for a trophy, you will never be sorry for investing in quality equipment like Black Gold.”

Matt Bateman

National Sales Manager, Grim Reaper Broadheads

“Black Gold sights have absolutely made me more successful in the field. They’re the only sights I trust when a hard earned opportunity presents itself! Thanks for an incredible, American made product.”

Brad Farris

Primos Hunting

“Put a Black Gold sight on your bow and see for yourself why it’s known as the BEST bow sight available today!