30 Years of the World's Best Bowsights

As a bowhunter, you want a bowsight that performs when it needs to and that can take a beating when it has to. That’s what a Black Gold bowsight is all about. Brighter pins than any other bowhunting sight. Pin durability that no other archery sight can match. Innovation that other bow sights don’t have. Adjustability that every bow hunter would love. And a guarantee that itself lets you know just how tough a Black Gold bowsight must be.

Ascent Verdict
THE MOVEABLE BLACK GOLD® BOWSIGHT! The VERDICT is in! You’ll get Black Gold’s legendary durability and super-smooth adjustability with a turn of the Dial-of-Death knob. Case Closed!
Photochromatic Technology
If pins get too bright they can create starbursts that make it difficult to see the vitals. Black Gold’s revolutionary and patented PhotoChromatic shell, which covers the sight’s fiber optic strands, turns purple when subjected to natural UV light. This automatically tempers the light which eliminates any pin flare. The result is perfect pin brightness from dawn to dark!
The Brightest Pins
The Pins On A Black Gold Are 20% Brighter! Black Gold’s exclusive SkyCoil™ Technology gathers more light for brighter pins while patented PhotoChromatic Technology automatically manages pin brightness during the day. No other bowsight offers either. Black Gold gives you both!

Tested. Tough.

Our bowsights have been tried and tested by hunters around the Globe. The verdict is in; Black Gold Bowsights pass the test! Tough, accurate, and brighter than any other, we’ve designed and built our bowsights in the U.S.A. Designed by hunters, for hunters, we continue to engineer products with you in mind.