Dual Indicator System

NEW Dual Indicator System; both needles are index able, Dial short or dial far.

The Dual Indicator system is up-gradable on all 2020 Movable sights. 

Includes four needles and hardware. 

3 Quick Link Bowsight Adapters

Quick Link

The new Black Gold Quick Link quickly and easily converts most Black gold sights to work with a picatinny sight mount. No special tools are needed, only a simple allen pack. Ultra-durable and lightweight, the Quick Link minimizes weight while locking down for rock-solid accuracy. It also allows easy sight removal for transport and re-installs in seconds.

The Quick Link is available in 3 models to fit the majority of Black Gold Sights:

  • AST: Movable elevation sight models.
  • MCR: Non-movable micro-adjust models.
  • STD: Rush Sight.

Extra Pins

Machined BombProof, All-Metal Pins

Use these to add a pin to your Widowmaker, Rush or Ascent. Largest size (.029) Micro Dot (.019) Nano Dot (.010)

Blind Man’s Light Kit

Great for indoor target shooting or the last few minutes of shooting hours from inside a blind.

  • Adjustable intensity which is operated by simply twisting the head of the light
  • Batteries included
  • Fits all Black Gold sights
  • Model #FPSL

Wing Truss Bars

Looking to compete in the lightweight world, where the archery industry is headed, led Black Gold® to develop the Wing Truss Dovetail. The dovetail is constructed from rugged 6061 aluminum, because of the design, our Wing Truss is the same weight as other carbon bases! The aluminum construction also allows the base to have the same feel at the shot as a traditional base. Unlike carbon that reacts very different at the shot. The Wing Truss Dovetail system gives you the weight of carbon, but the dependability and robustness of aluminum!

  • 4” Bar 5 ¼” (overall length) 3.0 OZ/li>
  • 6” Bar (overall length) 7 ¼” 3.3 OZ


Dovetail Bases

These dovetail bases can be put on any Black Gold bowsight and come in either 4 or 6 inch versions

  • 4DTSTD 4 Inch Dovetail Bar and Base w/Standard Dovetail Jaw
  • 4DTAST 4 Inch Dovetail Bar and Base w/Ascent mount
  • 4DTMCR 4 Inch Dovetail Bar and Base w/Micro Adjust Dovetail Jaw
  • 6DTSTD 6 Inch Dovetail Bar and Base w/Standard Dovetail Jaw
  • 6DTAST 6 Inch Dovetail Bar and Base w/Ascent mount
  • 6DTMCR 6 Inch Dovetail Bar and Base w/Micro Adjust Dovetail Jaw

Lens Kits

Designed to mount to all 1 3/4″ or 2″ sight heads through the custom sight shop. It is available in 2X or 4X. It’s built-in sun shade minimizes glare. The magnifying lenses help bring your target up close. Installs in a couple minutes using only two screws.

Quick Detach Knob

For dovetails bars, this Quick Detach Knob allows you to remove your Black Gold bowsight without a wrench. For 2013 and newer models only.

Replacement Sight Rings

These fluorescent sight rings give you fast image acquisition and are easy to change. Nitrous Green comes standard on all sights. 1-3/4″ – Nitrous Green, Neon Pink, Radical Red, Wicked White, Optic Orange, Powerful Purple and Blast Off Blue 2″ – Nitrous Green, Neon Pink, Radical Red, Wicked White

Sight Tapes Kit

Includes 54 different sight tapes from which you choose the sight tape that is right for you. We’ve done the work for you so you do not need to generate your own computer sight tape. You select the appropriate tape for your bow’s speed. With 54 different tapes, there’s one for virtually every bow speed!

Single Pin Scope

Available in Left-hand or Right-hand design, and for Ascent Verdict w/windage post.


Show‘em you shoot a Black Gold bowsight! All caps feature an embroidered Black Gold crown logo and Velcro adjustment. We’ve got shirts for men or women too!