Primos Hunting is the leader in the design and manufacturing of game calls for elk, deer, turkey, predator, and waterfowl. Our commitment to game calls also extends to our blinds, shooting accessories, game cameras, attractants & supplements, clothes, and other hunting accessories. you may also know us through our television show Primos’ truth about hunting, dvd’s, and mastering the art video series.


BuckVentures Outdoors was founded in 2003 on the motto “Shoot by Sight, Walk by Faith” based on 2 Corinthians 5:7. BVO strives to capture world-class hunts all across the country while always giving God the glory. It’s our mission to use our platform & passion for hunting to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ everywhere we go. The Woodsman is the story of the BuckVentures Prostaff that airs exclusively on myoutdoor tv.
The woodsman was founded based on proverbs 27:17 which says, “as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” This digital series is made up of everyday people who love the lord & love the outdoors.


One of the most popular TV and Digital shows today. Major league Bowhunter features Hosts Matt Duff and Chipper Jones, along with Field Producers – Brandon Danker, Brad Stricker, and Producer – Colin Perry, These avid outdoorsmen believe that there is something that can be learned from every experience in the field, both good and bad. Their passion and success in harvesting big bucks formed a special friendship among them.


Now in its 16th season, North American Whitetail TV remains among the most popular and longest-running shows on outdoor television, focused entirely on the pursuit of North America’s most beloved big game species, the white-tailed deer. Tune in each week as the leaders in whitetail hunting and land management content share their adventures from across the whitetail range, as well as the latest in proven land management strategy. Co-hosts Laden Force and Stan Potts join NAW Editor in Chief Gordon Whittington, Associate Editor Haynes Shelton, biologist Dr. James C. Kroll, and expert dog handler Jeremy Moore.

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I’m a fishing freak & outdoorsman with a camera providing tips, how-to, instruction, and documenting nature’s awesomeness from woods and water around the world. I love to go bass fishing in ponds, lakes, and creeks, but I also love to travel to new places and explore new fishing and hunting grounds while bushcraft camping anywhere.


Host of the Mullet Man YouTube channel, Mike Owens, goes far beyond the typical one-size-fits-all hunting or fishing videos to challenge the norm. From, bullfrogs to elk, Mullet Man enthusiastically lives a Rise, Kill, Eat lifestyle. Centered around youthful and unconventional outdoor experiences, Mullet Man is a fun and edgy YouTube channel attracting hundreds of thousands of young and excited hunters.


Between their podcast, YouTube channel, and multiple forestry degrees Team Radical is a group of friends, family, and outdoorsmen sharing their hunting traditions. With over a decade of action-packed adventures, this group of friends shares their outdoor enthusiasm and hunting addiction as they target monster whitetails all across the US.


Between their podcast and YouTube channel, The Element is a group of bowhunters and outdoorsmen sharing their version of an outdoor lifestyle where hunting, fishing, and conservation are the core of their content. With a relentless pursuit to produce high-quality stories, this group of friends from East Texas shares their outdoor enthusiasm with the hope to inspire others to take the next step in their outdoor life.


Centered around backyard/suburban hunting, Hunt Urban was started with the mission to share the wild and unique things that happen when hunting an overabundant whitetail population in the suburbs of our Nation’s Capital. Host of the Hunt Urban YouTube channel and Hang & Hunt podcast, Taylor Chamberlin, has set out to educate, entertain, and help anyone out there become a better hunter; starting right in their back yards.


We are a group of outdoorsmen who strive to grow and promote hunting, fishing, and the outdoors through our YouTube videos and content on our other social media platforms. We love deer hunting, turkey hunting, shed hunting, fly fishing, and just about any outdoor activity. Our adventures take us all over Pennsylvania, Maryland, and beyond. The outdoors has been an enormous blessing in our lives, and we want to help others be able to experience that blessing too.


We’re a group of passionate outdoorsmen that share our adventures. We hold the value of the experience over filling a tag and the thrill of the chase over the kill. We are from the mountains of Pennsylvania and grew up hunting deer and turkey. Whether it’s exploring mountain streams in the heart of the Appalachian mountains or chasing mule deer in the Sawtooths, the Rip ‘n Stik crew is always after something. Follow along with us as we learn, try new strategies, and explore new country. We enjoy a multitude of outdoor pursuits and have a passion for sharing that with others. We hope that we can give you a fraction of the experience we had in bringing you content!


As the host of the Southern Ground Hunting podcast & YouTube video series, Parker loves getting rid of the noise of the world, taking in nature, and all of God’s creation. Parker wants to bring you all of the experiences that he has in the woods and on the water, as well as highlight the experiences of other hunting experts across the southeast. For Parker, the outdoors is more than just big antlers and trophy pictures; it’s about the experience and the release. It’s about the stories that will be told around campfires for generations to come.



Eva Shockey is a wife, mama, author, lifestyle blogger, and hype-woman for all things outdoors. As the daughter of Professional hunter and television producer Jim Shockey, Eva has been part of the outdoor industry since birth. Though her childhood dreams revolved around competitive dance, she traded in her tutu for camo when she was 21 and never looked back. Eva is wife to former professional hockey player, Tim Brent, mother to daughter, Leni Bow, and son, Boone. Today, Eva continues to pursue her passion for hunting and the outdoors while balancing a family and her lifestyle brand, Eva & Co Marketplace. Her message is simple, she promotes living a healthy & family-focused outdoor lifestyle.


I have been an avid outdoorswoman my whole life. Beginning at three years old when I rode my father’s shoulders to check traps. My passion grew from there and I have formed lasting friendships and extensive experiences in the hunting industry. Along with many other accomplishments, I can boast a B&C 187-inch whitetail. I work hard to hone my craft and have spent my years building a reputation as a skilled hunter.


My name is Ashley Rogers. Born and raised in eastern Washington. I grew up being outdoors with my grandparents a lot of my childhood. They really sparked my interest in the outdoors from an early age. Camping and fishing were something I looked forward to as a kiddo. We will fast forward to high school where I met my now-husband, Forrest who really jump-started my passion for the outdoors. I always want to be an avid outdoorsman/hunter, I just never really knew how to start the process. So very thankful for him and his family. Archery has been my day one passion from the start. I’ve been shooting now for almost 10 years, which may not seem like much, but I have learned a lot about archery and still am learning to this day.


Hey there! I’m Katie Van Slyke, just a lover of the outdoors from Tennessee! I’ve spent my whole life immersed in the hunting lifestyle with my family, and now I’m continuing that lifestyle with my husband. While I’ve been hunting my whole life, I didn’t find my love for archery until 5 years ago. I started out bow fishing, and from there I was hooked! While hunting is a large passion of mine, I also have an equally as time-consuming passion for horses. On the same farm that I grew up hunting, I’ve also had a lifelong love of showing and breeding horses. When I’m not in the woods, you can find me in the barn!


Ryan Hay and Krissy Knox are a brother-sister bowhunting team from western Oregon. Raised in the small farming community of Harrisburg, Ryan and Krissy still reside there today with their spouses and families, raising kiddos to love and understand the importance of the outdoor lifestyle and all it provides. Ryan and Krissy grew up in a close hunting family, which then fostered a love of archery and the teamwork that came with it. While they love to hunt almost any game animal, chasing bugling bulls is an easy favorite, followed closely by the pursuit of Blacktail deer.


Being born and raised in El Paso, TX, aside from dry deserts and few mountainous terrains, my curiosity for the great outdoors heightened. This interest led me to great adventures in the outdoors all over the great U.S. of A! Following in my father’s footsteps, I pursued a career in law enforcement. From excruciating hikes to life-threatening rescues, and everything in between, my career has allowed me to fulfill my longing for a life in the outdoors. My career has allotted me the opportunity to serve as a mentor in a youth law enforcement program, as well as a K9 handler, and undercover agent, and I had the pleasure to work with other agencies in joint task force operations. Attributed to high stress, I turned to archery, hunting, and photography to decompress and enjoy my time away from work. Awaiting future hunting trips and outdoor adventures, you will find me slinging arrows, hanging out with great friends, or playing fetch with my four-legged girl, Ivy. She’s a black Lab mix rescue, and of course, a well-traveled pup.